Stepping into MMXI

2011 is gonna be a major year for me and my team mates - both personally and professionally. Each of us has a different story to tell about his personal life. But to sum it all up, let me just say that Sinu, Rosh, and I are at very different, but equally crucial points in our lives. Professionally, the three of us are at exactly the same spot!

We aren't just a brotherhood of freelancers anymore, we are,...wait for it....wait for it..... a registered company! New office building, gadgets, art-thingummies et al! And here we are, officially unveiling our new logo. We are also starting off on one of our dream projects. A lot of fingers and toes crossed here

The Libera Artisti will continue to be run by us, but we'll be bringing in fresh talents too for various projects. I kid you not, there are some very unique projects in the offing. So all of you talented lot out there start sending in the links to your portfolio blogs to and one day you might just get THE call. You can also visit us at

Thank you all For the support and encouragement showered in through facebook, twitter, emails and personally.

Happy New Year!



  1. heya.. this is awesome! So so so so happy for you all! I'm passing on the link to few who i think need this opportunity, a helping hand!!1 Great going guys! :)

  2. Yaaaayyy!!! I'm sooooo happpppy 4 you guys...Needless to say looking forward to the good stuff you guys will bring forth in this new year...Wishing each and every one of you a prosperous year ahead...Make us proud!! :)